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Starry Night Sky is an astronomical program for Windows
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Starry Night Sky is an astronomical program for Windows. It shows a detailed chart of the entire night sky. This map is the real sky that you can see through your window, provided you enter the right latitude and longitude coordinates in the program.

Starry Night Sky will show you the position of the Moon, various planets and stars. It is possible to navigate the map, panning it with the mouse. The program can show or hide the information about constellations. If you prefer to hide it, you will not see the constellation lines or their names, you will just see the position of the planets and the Moon. Another button lets you include the Earth´s horizon in the picture, along with the letters that will identify the cardinal points. Your coordinates can be entered using the third button on the screen.

This program does not contain any information about planets, stars or the Moon. It will just show you the position they occupy when you're watching the skies from a given point of the Earth. You can zoom in to see more details, but you will not obtain much information.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It does not contain any information about the stars, constellations, planets or the moon
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